Understated Elegance.

Beginning Photo-Spring Semester 2012~

[left to right]

1. Exposure Project//made with dark room & small objects placed on RC paper

2. Frame Project//made with film & dark room

3. Movement Project//made with film & dark room

4. Depth of Field Project//made with film & photoshop

5. Final Project//made with film & dark room

6. a random favorite from this semester//made with film & dark room

Color Design-Spring Semester 2012~

[left to right]

1. Value Scale Project//made with color-aid

2. Grays Become a Color Project//made with color-aid

3. Value Manipulation Project//made with color-aid

4. Hue Echo Project//made with color-aid

5. Hue Absorption Project//made with color-aid

6. Vibration Project//made with color-aid

7. Transparency Project//made with color-aid

8. Recreate a Painting Project//made with color-aid

9. Vibration/Local Color Project//made with color-aid

Beginning Drawing-Fall Semester 2011~

Beginning Design-Fall Semester 2011~

[left to right]

1. Line Project// made with India ink & various tools (ex: sponges, pens, needles, etc.)

2. Shape & Line Project// made with tech pen & India ink

3. Abstracted Animal Project // made with tech pen & India ink

4. 16 Square Project // made with India ink & various tools

5. Number & Shape Project// made with acrylic paint

artwork done as a business major~

[left to right]

1. made for my niece in my first semester in college//acrylic painting

2. made during my first semester in college//tablet drawing

3. made during my first semester in college//tablet drawing

high school work~

[left to right]

1. made in Art 2 at H. L. Bourgeois High//India Ink

2. made as a triptych in Art 2 at H. L. Bourgeois High//sharpie, watercolor, & India Ink

3. made in Art 2 at H L Bourgeois High//acrylic paint on masonite

4. made during Christimas break during my senior year HLBourgeois// first piece drawn on a tablet!!

5. made this my senior year at HLBourgeois for a French project//tablet drawing

6. made while in HLBourgeois//tablet drawing

work I made in junior high~

[left to right]

1.did this while in Everygreen Jr. High//got help with the coloring from a friend//won first place in a book cover contest!

2. drew this in Evergreen Jr. High//pencil colors